by Blank Side

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released December 21, 2012

Blank Side is:
Moses Crist - Vocals/Guitar
Justin Yount - Bass
Jake Kropp - Drums

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Blank Side San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Political Discretion
Political Discretion, be warned now:
These thoughts of war just bring me down
When I see you at the show
Don't tell me all those things you know

Don't tell me that the world is ending,
I'm well aware, and still fine sinning
Your CNN report, it's not needed here
Just warring issues leave me feeling queer
Track Name: Demolition Boy
Demolition boy who tamed the word,
You make noise just to be heard
No point to this running joke

(take it all down again)

Demolition boy you're all alone
You destroy what you can't own
You've choked down the shit they've fed
Now you're fed up and seeing red

Demolition Boy - Out of control
Demolition Boy - An animal
Demolition Boy - Destruction's breath
Demolition Boy - Give it a rest
Track Name: War
War sucks
War sucks
Don't fight
Play nice

Don't do it
No don't do it
It's gay
No way

Track Name: Burn
Today is the 31st, life's nothing new
I've gotta curse of the nothing-to-do's
What's going on outside these walls?
These 4 cozy friends..
Not going out, I'm staying in

Times a killer worth snoring on

Today is the 31st, life's looking bleak
Same shirt, different day, this shit is weak
I've got the chronic bores and I'm concerned
You wouldn't even know this song was Burn

I Quit - This optimistic shit's a rip-
Offing brain cells, coughing cancer seems a better shift
Investing time in deprogression sends me to Never Ends
Where thick confusion and dejection seemingly never end, so what

Today is the 31s
I'm down the street with battle plans in my head
I'll wage a war against the bores of today
Track Name: Who Wrote Nicholas Twisp?
Drooling over the thing that bit me
Oh but oh, she looks so pretty
She makes me live all my mornings
Mind is rotting, heart deforming

All I want but don't need
My mind turns my mental greed
When she's done I'm still hungry
And it burns to be nothing

I get drunk just to forget,
Down to my last cigarette
Where's she at? Who's she with?
Should I be bummed out or just pissed
Track Name: Know Your Place
Go to school - They say know your place
Go to work - They say know your place
Go on home - They say know your place
I don't ever want to know my place

Go to school, go to work,
Wear a little collared shirt
Program you to go Berserk or hold it in until it hurts your soul, the one you sold for job security.
Track Name: Jeff Has Gotta Split
Feel that conflict?
Jeff has gotta split
He can't keep his cool
In the drama pool

Prying, let me know some gossip
Whining, bitching, constant bull shit
You're all hypocrites now

Stupid high school kids
Whiney little shits
Bull shit for so long
You're all fucking wrong
Track Name: Amnesiac
I saw you standing there with nothing in your hair
No makeup (un)like your friend
But the band started then
All those forgotten things like who she was and how it happened,
I left my heart back at the show but I forgot so

That's just the way it works out.

Jog my memories down tracks thought-trains abandoned,
Brain cells a waste, I can't remember.
I.. and walked back to the show
After 4 or 5 pits I turned around and you went home

This songs not about a girl. This one's something for me.
Track Name: Distractions
I can't say I'm satisfied but I carry on this way
Every step forward I take, one more distraction in my way

Distractions in my head
Waiting at every step
Distractions in my mind
Fuck with me all of the time

Distractions - They're in my head, in my heart, in my soul they eat me whole
Distractions - Seeing red, I fall apart, I lose control I need control
Distractions aren't here and now, they're then and gone but my thoughts linger on and on
Distractions - You have them to, we must decide what to do
Track Name: Outro(B.E.K.)
I'm standing near the door, here just with the gravest grin
only it's upside down
So pity-rid and poor, waiting until when
you'll let me leave from out

Mind heads for a spin
'Cus you won't let me in
I bleed for permission
To let me come in

Reverse claustrophobia's back, and it's my heart attack
You're feeling up my eyes
I know you feel it too, so won't you let me in with you
and we can break this ice

This anguish feeds the veil that lives and dies to mask
this whole sick sort of dream
I've spawned a living hell where I'm always the last
to find just what it means

To leave from out
Black sparks and fades out
I bleed for permission
To let met come in

Back-pried lids
Black Eyed Kids

We're coming in if you'll have us
We're only coming in at will,
Right at your front door's where we're at 'cus
We've only burdened time to kill

It's not as if it's the end, but goodbye my only friend, until we meet again