by Blank Side

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released December 2, 2015

Blank Side is:
Moses Crist - Vocals
Hose Sierra - Bass
Angero Lombana - Guitar
Donald Shameless - Guitar/Vocals
Ricardo Sandova l- Drums

Recorded by Christopher Dillard in SaTx July 2015

Photography by Jacob Navaira

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Blank Side San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Happy 777
Still not found (We’re not at sea)
I am Lost (Curse the whole skies)
Spin me around (We’ve got nowhere to be)
One life to live, and only one death to die

Are you ready to die?
Track Name: Blurry Eyes
I'm calling your name, is that you there?

With my Blurry Eyes it's hard to tell
And you only hear me if I yell
I'm calling out, is that you?
But my voice is lost to this vaccum

I'm still screaming your name, is that you
But my voice is lost to this vaccum..
Have I forgotten your name? This is rude.
Track Name: The Reverse Song
Mind My In Backwards Counting Been

Why can't I seem to find my own groove?
It seems as if I have lost all my moves

Bed Of Side Wrong, Asleep Fell I Dude

My Wars
Like A Game
High Scores
Measured In Pain

My Wars like a game High Scores measured in pain
Struggling to regain my groove, my step
Track Name: Commiserator
“Commiserated. Numb. Self-Hated. So-so.”
Over it.

Out of your own way, Way to go
Haven’t you learned you’re on your own?
The only thing you own is the grave you’ve dug

No. More. Caving. In.
In your head - Discontent
But your only sin’s that you’ve been
Craving for permission to bleed

“Don’t bully me - that’s not fair
Commiserate me, as if you care
You’re stuck here with me - Me.Me.Me
Whatever you say, yeah Me.Me.Me
Whatever you do, Me, Me Me

"Whatever you say, yeah
Whatever you do –“

Aye, aye, I’m just screwing with you
Track Name: Corner Store Carnage
I’ve got fungus, Rotten parasites,
My insides = Appetite for these guys,
Who feast off my demise

Remember the horror at 4 in the morning
When tragedy struck our guts at The Corner
Track Name: Markage
We prepare for the worst and do our best
Some wait to live, some wait to die but I have too much to give before I meet the sky

Sometimes I fall apart cus I want to leave my mark before I die but every day may be too late
If I did all I could no regret should live, but I will beyond my grave

If I don’t see you again, I love you all my friends
Thank you for being near when I needed you close
Thank you for holding me up when I needed you most - Thank you for being near when I needed you close