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released March 13, 2016

Blank Side is:
Moses Crist - Bass/Vocals
Angero Lombana - Guitar
Donald Shameless - Guitar/Vocals
(Sticky) Rick Sandoval - Drums

Recorded by Anthony Santos at Westfall Recording studio in Austin, TX. 10/23-25/2015

Photography by Alexandria Simpson

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Blank Side San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Third Hand
I gave you my trust
I gave you my word
Everything that I had
Nothing to you

Third hand, Third hand
No matter what I give you it's never enough
Third hand, Third hand
I won't give you, I can't give you all you need
Track Name: Handsome
Pleased to meet you
I'm handsome
I'll defeat you
I'm handsome

Love me because I'm handsome
Hate me because I'm handsome

Magazine King
T.V. God
He's on your screens
In your thoughts

Heart & loins full of attraction
No control over reactions
Track Name: Breathe
Take this life and hold it for me
I can't be trusted not to lose it
"Don't let go," that's what the doctor told me.
"Fight for me, keep breathing homie!"

Do it
Just do it
Track Name: Detonate
One because I'm sad
One because I'm angry
One for working hard
One for feeling lazy

One more for my lungs
One more for my liver
One because it's fun
One because it's killer

Numb mind and a body that's had enough
Sometimes I think I've had enough

I still remember my first kiss
I seem to crave it harder the more I resist
It's been a challenge to keep calm lately
So I'm taking steps to keep from detonating

It's been getting old
I still don't stop
To break from this hold
Takes all I've got

This time I won't look back
I'll keep my eyes straight
There's light through the crack
This hold I will break
Track Name: Embrace
Nothing inside fixed
I'm still feeling broke
Thought it could be tricked
Thought it wouldn't know

Completion drifts further the more you chase it
Chaos can't be cured, you must embrace it

Say it with your heart
Say it with your soul
There's no dying young
Just dying alone

Embrace it

Damage done
Track Name: Organic
I'm alive, that's more than I can say for you
Please believe what I'd give for a minute or two with you just to say goodbye
My friend I'll get the chance someday

A joke and a laugh entwined our paths
They've diverged
It hurts, the aftermath

The fact you're not here
My mind can't comprehend
The fact you're gone
My mind can't comprehend

I am trying just to understand why you came and left so soon

Where have you gone?
I'm trying to understand

She was my friend
She was organic