by Blank Side

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released February 28, 2015

Blank Side is:

Angelo Lombana - Guitar
Eli Surber - Bass/Vocals
Jake Kropp - Drums
Leo Ruiz - Drums
Justin Yount - Guest Vocals
Moses Crist - Guitar/Vocals

Recorded Summer 2014 at Binary Studios

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Blank Side San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Stale
1. Stale
Distinguished by your contentedness
Just think, what if you could be more
Something beyond all that we've known

Or would you rather dip to the deep end
Won't pull through now then or before
Reform old ways before they're full grown

You're hungry thirsty craving for something to wash down the stale
You're living in yesterday's shell
It's all for nothing and it makes you wonder why

Right back to the start without fail
No climax to collect if you pass
Just like that you're at the start of snakeway

Times hard to chew and there's no bail
Sometimes it seems the Stale won't last
Behold as it's yet to breakway

Homesick for some place I've never been
Take me back to way back when, to those days
Thirsting for that sip of loss
When fighting for that white flag cause is a waste
Track Name: PWSO
We worked until our fingers bled
Our toes blister, and we're underfed
You Paid your dues to not pay attention
So we thought you deserved a dishonorable mention

Greatest endeavors may go ignored
Turned your back when we needed you most
Fine you're not who we do this for - PUTOS WHO STAND OUTSIDE
Track Name: Major Bummer
Another Month, Another drummer
I'm still writing words to Major Bummer
Since way last summer I've been twisting tunes
And I'm still missing you

Breath in - (and we are) feeling bummed out once again

No time left for stalling now, always on the go
I'm trying, it's so hard
The bottom keeps on falling out
There's nowhere left to go

Except in mind, where anything and everything's exempt to change

We've been - (for so long) searching for similar friends
I'm fine - (where i am) just hold it down and don't look up
Breath in - (and we are) feeling bummed out once again
Find time once in a while. To. Breath. Out.

It makes me ask, "Just when will they come?"
These words, these words that elude me yet
Still I persist, this quest is all I know
Well I guess I'll finish Bummer next month.
Track Name: Excavate
These songs are what I found
These Classic gems I brought without from a general Excavation
Routine, Excavate, Draw from within
Routine, Excavate, Draw. It. Out.

I'm going in
And I'm not coming back up
Until I find what is I lost inside

I play music for a living
The day I stop will be my death, no kidding
My souls on Blast with every measure
But my hearts the Beat so my pleasure
Track Name: My Life Behind Anxiety (BARS)
A waste of life, to sit it out, to watch it pass
Within I shout

"Get out", to something in my mind
Get out - There's something in my mind

I have the strength within my self
To kill these anxious thoughts
And everything I fought since I got here

I don't wanna be dependent
On a chemical, to not be miserable
To stand up

Up to my feet, it's all on my me
To sink or swim, to make it stop
You look away, I look down
To myself I need to shout

I have the power in my hands to obliterate these fears
And feet to make a stand for all that I hold dear

Yes there are things we have to do that we don't want to
But if we find balance then life won't be that bad

Yeah, well at least it's not behind bars.
Track Name: Garage Garage
Nothing There/Garage Garage/Blocked In

Nothing There

Garage Garage

We're in the Garage - Garage Garage, Garage Garage

Blocked In

As I sit in this room thinking work
This block of my writing gets worse
Will I ever finish or complete
That which is a part of me

As I stare at this pad thinking work
This block on my writing gets worse
Will I ever finish or complete
That which is a part of me?
Track Name: Matryoshka
Well it dawned upon me from once I first awoke,
There was something amuck that likes of which
I've never known while stuck in a world
Trapped in a box, stuffed in a box, in a box, in a box

And just who do I owe for all of this woe? Well I owe,
Oh I owe..

Matryoshka - She's all I've Ever
Matryoshka - I've ever Known
Matryoshka - When all else fails me
Matryoshka - She gives me hope

Matryoshka - Fair or bad weather
Matroyshka- She keeps me safe
From all my fears I run here

My Matryoshka Walls are closing in
And if they fall I'll wait for rescue
They're coming down, and all I've got
Won't keep them up

Is the mask behind your mask an answer or a guess?
Do I have to destroy you to find out?
And the answer, is yes.

If you wanna move quick, then move quick
If you wanna slow down girl, you're getting us killed
Matryoshka girl - Can I move on without her?

I can and I will
I can and I will
I must and I will
Track Name: Pieces
I know everything within my grasp are but Pieces

Jigsaw mechanic, impure intent abandoned
World in one hand and my faith in the other
Broken Pieces split and shattered
Can I put them back together?

But no thing stays put forever

I've struggled to understand how to become a man
But I have tools, foundation
Every man should try to learn before he dies
What he runs from, and to, and why

I won't let my potential
Go to waste, or fade - I can't wait
Right here in my prime, I must rise
Or lose all that I am